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About Our Residential Lodges

More Than A Home

Our Residential Lodges are services which provide 24/7 specialist care for adults over the age of 18 with complex needs who may have multiple learning and physical disabilities. Providing support with daily tasks and personal care in a home that empowers our residents to live a fulfilling life through tailored care, compassion, and encouragement. With the best interest of those we support in mind, we work in partnership with families and independent advocates to provide person centred care that meets the individual's specific needs. We offer support in 3 serperate lodges; Christopher Lodge, Gibson Lodge and Northam Lodge, all of which are based in Northam, Bideford.

The mission of our Residential Lodges is to enable the people we support to live their best possible lives guided by the key principles of:

  • Always acting in the best interest of the individual.

  • Encouraging and supporting choice and preferences.

  • Maintaining and encouraging mobility.

  • Encouraging independence.

  • Supporting the individual to be part of the community.

  •  Supporting the individual with their goals.

Right support

Model of care and setting maximises people’s choice, control and independence.

Right care

Care is person-centred and promotes people’s dignity, privacy and human rights

Right culture

Ethos, values, attitudes and behaviours of leaders and care staff ensure people using services lead confident, inclusive and empowered lives

CQC logo saying "regulated by the care quality comission".

Northam Lodge

CQC Overall Rating

5 April 2018

Residential Lodges CQC Rating

Our Residential Lodge's Video Tour

Activities & Facilities

A person with disabilities using the eye gaze technology.

Eye Gaze Technology

A person we support having fun in a ball pit.

Large Sensory Room

A person we support in a wheel chair smiling and laughing on a disability adapted swing for wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Swing

A person we support celebrating the queens jubilie in front of our residential lodges trapoline.

Wheelchair Accessible Trampoline

A person we support doing Yoga for people with disabilities.

Yoga Sessions

A person we support having fun swimming with some floats.

Swimming 3 Times A Week

The northam care trusts pub / bar on site at our residential lodges.

Pub / Bar On-Site

A person we support enjoying a film night wrapped in a blanket.

Film Nights

A person we support in a wheelchair and learning disabilities outside in our Residential services garden area.

Interactive Outdoor Areas & Quiet Area

A person we support in a wheelchair playing tennis at the atlantic racquet centre.

Racquet Club

A person we support enjoying some sensory play time with a water bucket and toys.

Sensory & Communication Coordinator

A person we support with bongo drums and a caribbean hat celebrating a themed caribbean day at our lodges.

Activities Coordinator

A person we support laid out our magic carpet.

Magic Carpet

A person we support playing on a giant tablet.

Massage Sessions 3 Times A Week

A person we support with their carer painting. Both people have their hands up to the camera with lots of colourful paint on their hands.

& Many More Activities!

Residential Process

Below is an example of the process that you may go through in finding a new home in one of our Residential Lodges.

Step 1

Contact our Residential Services registered manager Jo Burke to discuss your interest and see if we have any available spaces.

Step 2

Book in a viewing and visit our 3 Residential Lodges to see everything we have to offer and whether one of them would be a good fit for you.

Step 3

Speak to your social worker to let them know you're interest in moving into one of our Residential Lodges and to discuss how you can do so.

Step 4

We will arrange a visit with you, your social worker, and anyone else of your best interest to do an assessment to make sure we can support all of your induvial needs.

Step 5

We would then speak with your social worker and look at the funding and support you would need.

Step 6

Once agreed, it's moving time! We would then look at the best way to support the move, this could be short visits to overnight stay, to then moving in. This would all depend on your individual needs and the best way we can help you transition into your new home.

Contact Information & Location

A picture of our Residential Lodges registered manager Jo Burke.

Residential Lodges Registered Manager

Jo Burke


Telephone: 01237 424151

Northam Lodge,

Heywood Road,

Northam, EX39 3QB

Northam Lodge

01237 427180

Service Manager:

Becky Shortridge

Christopher Lodge

01237 427184

Service Manager:

Dan Toms

Gibson Lodge

01237 427182

Service Manager:

Kally Batten

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